Scioto commission approves sheriff funds request

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PORTSMOUTH – Scioto County Commissioners approved requests for funds from outgoing Scioto County Sheriff Marty Donini for jail operations salaries and road patrol/PERS.

The amounts were $9,888 or jail operation salaries and $12,500 for the road patrol/PERS.

Questions had previously been posed to Donini from the commissioners regarding salary increases for two employees within the sheriff’s office.

“I would like to mention that the letter that was sent to our sheriff, asking for information in regard to the increase in salaries that was made to his employees, the justification for those, has gone unanswered,” Davis said. “I, personally, would like to have an answer back from our sheriff justifying $10 (per hour) increases for employees and here we are getting requests for salaries.”

Commissioner Cathy Coleman made the motion to approve the request, saying she urged the sheriff to respond to the questions asked of him before another request is made.

“I think the problem is now the PERS portion of that is going to be have to be paid,” Crabtree said. “I think we need to probably go ahead and approve this amount.”

The request was passed by a 3-0 vote.

“There are times where we need to make decisions that are in the need of the many, not the need of the one,” Davis said. “Unfortunately, we have not had good cooperation and it looks like there will not be a friendly transition in that office.”

Davis said he looked forward to working with the new Sheriff, David Thoroughman, who defeated Captain John Murphy in April’s election for the post.

In other news, Davis said commissioners received a bid of $788,051.27 on the courthouse HVAC replacement project.

“That will literally be a complete replacement of all systems in this courthouse,” Davis said. “The old systems that are decades old will be totally retro-fitted out, which will be a huge, huge move for this building. (The building) is 93 years old, and now at 93 we’re going to be having all new heating and air conditioning.”

Also, according to Davis, the new system will have the UV filters that are designed to kill any coronavirus droplets in the air.

Davis said that CARES Act money that is funding this project had to be appropriated by today. Davis also stated the project must be completed in two months.

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