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Ross commission approves funds for jail repair

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CHILLICOTHE – The Ross County Commissioners have agreed to spend more than three-quarters of a million dollars to address conditions at the county jail, a move that commissioners said will be a cost savings.

            Ross County Administrator Brad Cosenza informed the commissioners that last week he met with a company, Homan and Bernard, that makes masonry anchors. He presented the panel with a packet that showed the anchors that Cosenza believes will help hold the stone at the jail’s wall.

The plan is to anchor everything on the concrete masonry unit block to a masonry board previously in place and by doing that it reduces the county’s liability. Cosenza was just needing the panel’s approval.

            “I think it makes sense,” Commissioner Doug Corcoran said. “It saves us a bunch money, (more) than trying to take that stone off.”

            The board then approved to pay $767,525.54 for the work.

            Cosenza also said Major William White wants to add a temperature gauge, infrared cameras and a thermal scanner to go with an already purchased body scanner. Cosenza said White asked to present that for available CARES Act money. The board approved the purchase at the cost of $15,000 that will come from CARES Act funds.

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            In other news, the County Employee Benefits Consortium of Ohio awarded Ross County with an award for outstanding wellness efforts.  The CEBCO website states:

            “Congratulations to Judi Mannion and leadership at the Commissioners office for their hard work during 2019 pertaining to the wellness program. The commissioners and their wellness team worked hard to ensure they put in place a wellness incentive that was reasonable for all. As a result, there was a significant increase in participation.”

            Mannion also talked to the commissioners about rewarding the county employees who completed the wellness program with a small bonus. With the funds available to Mannion each of the 255 employees would receive $41.02. Mannion told the commissioners if they would want to bring the reward amount to 50 dollars it would take $2,290 that they could take out of administrative funds.

            The commissioners agreed and passed a measure for the increase.

·    The board approved payroll for poll workers in the amount of $38.447.10

·    The panel approved the bills for the week in the amount of $900,650.53

·    The board approved to pay Then & Now Certificates in the amount of  $22,258.51

·    The panel approved an appropriation in the amount of $1,000 in the Juvenile Court fund for attorney fees

·    The board approved a transfer of funds in Coroner fund

·    The board an appropriation in the Dog Warden fund of $1,675 for new tires on two trucks

·    The panel passed an appropriation in the Board of DD fund in the amount of $45,000

·    The commissioners approved the reappointment of Heather Crosier to the ADAMH Board

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