Pike Chamber to take tourism responsibilities

  WAVERLY – The Pike County Board of Commissioners has turned county tourism responsibilities over to the Pike County Chamber of Commerce.

     A resolution cited the past financial difficulties of the Pike County Convention and Visitors Bureau and indicated monies received from the county lodging tax will be directed to the Chamber.

     “Due to the financial mismanagement of the Pike County Convention and Visitors Bureau, evidenced by the Findings (of) Recovery issued by the Auditor of State, the portion of the County Lodging Tax approved by the Board of Commissioners … that has been previously distributed to the Pike County Convention and Visitors Bureau be directed to the Pike County Chamber of Commerce, (or) any committee, subcommittee or wholly owned subsidiary,” the resolution read.

     Results from a state audit covering the years 2013-2016 was released last year and indicated more than $85,000 was not properly documented.

     More than $80,000 is typically generated from the lodging tax annually and the Chamber must use the funds for tourism-related purposes.

     “The portion of the Lodging Tax directed to the Pike County Chamber of Commerce shall be used solely for tourism sales, marketing and promotion, and their associated costs, including operation and administrative costs, sales and marketing, and maintenance of any physical structure maintained and used for such purposes,” the resolution read.

Three EMS employees quarantined

     Pike County Emergency Management Agency Director Tim Dickerson indicated three county Emergency Management Services employees are quarantined for up to 14 days after testing positive for COVID-19.

     Dickerson said all schedules are covered, but that the office is taking applications for EMT positions. Applications can be emailed to

Alma-Omega Road slip to be repaired

     Pike County Engineer Denny Salisbury joined commissioners Blaine Beekman, Jerry Miller and Tony Montgomery to a review of a slip on Alma-Omega Road.

     The county will repair it by digging away part of the hillside to clear the ditch at a cost of about $50,000. 

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