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Waverly Council established a Job Creation Tax Credit for Rural King facilities in the village. The credit is an incentive to expand operations and bring jobs and economic development to the village.

Waverly Council provides tax credit to Rural King


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WAVERLY – Waverly Village Council established a tax credit for Rural King and purchased a new truck for the Water Department in business at Tuesday’s Waverly Council meeting.

The JCTC is an incentive to expand operations in Waverly, thereby bringing jobs and additional commerce to the village.

Rural King has a distribution center and retail store, both in Waverly with a total workforce of 343 employees. The expansion is expected to create 75 new jobs.

The ordinance reads, “The village had determined that expansion of Rural King’s distribution center, in Waverly, will improve the economic welfare of the village and provide additional job opportunities within the area.”

The JCTC will run for 10 years from July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2031. Rural King will be provided the JCTC semi-annually, equal to 75 percent of tax collected from all qualifying jobs.

A qualifying job must be a full-time employee of the Rural King Waverly Distribution Center or Waverly Retail Store above the 343 qualifying jobs under the previous JCTC agreement. The hourly wage rate for these jobs must be equal to or more than 150 percent of Ohio’s minimum wage rate in place in June 2021.

In other news, Councilman Steve Fisher made a motion to purchase the truck, a Ford-150 with a price tag of $28,440. Council passed the motion by a unanimous vote.

The money to purchase the truck comes from the salary and fringe benefit monies that would have been paid to a water department employee who transitioned to the fire department.

According to Village Auditor Debbie Whaley, since the Water Department is not hiring anyone to fill the spot, that freed up dollars for the purchase.

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