New Chillicothe business caters to modern women


Southern Ohio Today

Most businesses know that attracting women is crucial to their success, but one downtown Chillicothe business is taking it to another level.

ALPHA Femme Boutique, a store for women by women, stocks their shelves with 90 percent of items made by women-owned small businesses. Featuring sizes from small to 3X, Owner Tara Gillum stands firmly behind this premise: Beauty, power, and confidence come in all sizes and colors.

Located at 17 South Paint Street, Alpha Femme recently opened its doors, but will be having its grand opening on Tuesday, Oct. 20 from noon to 8 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.

Gillum said her business will offer several activities and specials throughout the year to highlight the message and assist other businesses.

"Every Wednesday is Women's Night Out. Everyone who comes in and purchases something on Wednesday gets entered into a monthly drawing for a Gift Card from our store and another local Female owned business,” she said. “This month we are giving away a gift card from our friends at Sweet William Blossom Boutique."

Explaining that most businesses underrepresent modern-day women, Gillum aims to change that.

"I want to curate unique, thoughtful gifts for the modern woman. We as women, we wear a lot of hats. We are mothers, friends, co-workers, family caretakers, charity heads, and elected public officials,” Gillum said. “Women are not going through an identity crisis. We are just complex."

Striking a chord with women worldwide, Gillum believes that Alpha will make women feel like they don't have to be narrowly defined and can be who they want to be.

"I think a lot of women identify with that. So maybe one time in the store you want a super-soft pair of slippers, a little luxury to reward yourself and make you feel soft and ladylike, the next you want a pair of earrings made from rattlesnake vertebrae,” she said. “The same woman can love and enjoy both of those things. She can be herself because she was made that way, and that's incredible."

Fulfilling a lifelong dream, Gillum always desired to create an inspirational atmosphere for women, but she dismissed it as a crazy thought with no retail experience. She pulled the trigger and pushed through amid COVID-19 and now hopes to encourage, inspire, and motivate.

"I hope that Alpha gives people the confidence to go after something if they want it. I almost gave up (in starting this business), but I just couldn't. I wanted this, and I worked for it,” she said. “Giving up didn't seem right, so I pushed. Everyone can do that. If you want it, get it. No one is going to give it to you."

Gillum said the decision is already making a difference.

"I have loved how we have found so many new vendors just in the little amount of time we have been open. The connections we are building with these women are so valuable,” she said. “I recently purchased earrings from a young lady in college who makes jewelry on the side, and we were her first time pitching to a store. That feeling of contributing to her not just financially, but her confidence is unexplainable."

For more information on Alpha Femme Boutique, visit their Facebook page.