Josh and Taylor Ayers have found success with their brand of natural farming. "Our farming practices revolve around regenerative agriculture where you manage to benefit the animals and the land while eliminating human-made inputs," Josh Ayers said.

Southern Ohio farmers find success ... naturally 


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Josh and Taylor Ayers now laugh at how a kayaking trip turned date completely changed the lives of the Russellville farmers.

As a third-generation cattle farmer who thought he wanted little to do with the farm life, Josh Ayers left for the University of Cincinnati. After five years in the city and earning his engineering degree, however, a farm back home came up for sale, and he knew that was his chance to get back to those long-missed family roots.

Meeting his future wife, who was then working for the Ohio Department of Transportation and going to college for her business degree, the two married 17 months later.

Shortly after the wedding, an intestinal disorder that was unable to be diagnosed by doctors, shook Taylor – a former Pike County resident - to her core. Creating a desire to research and learn about how the food she was putting into her body was impacting her, the door opened for what is now called Ayers Valley Farm, LLC.

Dissatisfied with the quality and care of meat and food around her, the Ayers now live and breathe their hand-crafted mission at Ayers Valley Farm far beyond the farm itself.

"Our goal at Ayers Valley Farm is to provide the food we feel great about feeding our family, your family, and to the world,” Taylor Ayers said. “According to nature's unique design, this food is raised to ensure that it is beyond responsible and beyond sustainable."

Open 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, Ayers Valley Farm offers pasture-raised chicken, grass-finished beef, and forest fed pork in bulk or by the cut, shipped frozen straight to doorsteps across the country. Although their products are all over the country, the Ayers say Southern Ohio has a special place in their hearts.

"Even though I no longer live in Pike County, I make trips several times a month to provide our healthy and organically-minded premium meat products to dozens of residents in those areas," she said.

Although Ayers Valley Farm sponsors various local events throughout the year and purchases from their farm help the community, Taylor Ayers believes the impact their farm has on the community is beyond measure:

"Each individual that consumes our pasture-raised meats is improving the health of the planet and their bodies at the same time," she said.

Josh Ayers said it is important to protect the land and by doing so, allows them to create quality products.

"Our farming practices revolve around regenerative agriculture where you manage to benefit the animals and the land while eliminating human-made inputs,” Josh Ayers said. “The land that we use to produce our products is improving year after year while it is helping us raise some of the healthiest meats you can buy."


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