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Jackson police chief thanks voters for passing tax

BRET BEVENS/Southern Ohio Today
Jackson Mayor Randy Evans, left, presents Head of Department of Electric Tom Woltz with a plaque from Amp Electrical for system improvements at the Jamestown substation.

Southern Ohio Today

JACKSON – No one was happier to see the Jackson city tax pass during last Tuesday’s election than Jackson Police Chief Allen Potter, whose force will not be hit with cuts.

He appeared at Monday’s Jackson City Council meeting to show his gratitude to those who voted for the tax.

            “I would like to thank everyone who supported the income tax in the recent election,” Jackson Police Chief Allen Potter said. “It really means a lot to us at the police department. It’s definitely re-energized a lot of us over there who are obviously staying.”

            Potter said he had serious concerns regarding public safety had the ballot measure failed. Potter said he wanted show his sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone who supported the income tax.

            Jackson Mayor Randy Evans echoed Potter’s sentiments.

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            “I want to thank the citizens and the voters of the City of Jackson for their support in the election of the city income tax,” Evans said. “It’ll make a huge difference in the City of Jackson, and not only as Mr. Potter eluded to as to maintain an adequate police force, which we were not going to be able to do without it.”

            Evans said the income tax would also allow the city to make infrastructure repairs that are “long overdue.”

            “I want to thank the voters, I want to thank council for supporting the income tax and the citizens committee,” Evans said. “I just want thank everyone who was involved in allowing us to make this happen. It’s going to make a huge difference in Jackson.”

In other news, Evans presented Head of Department of Electric Tom Woltz with a plaque from Amp  Electrical, Jackson’s electrical service provider.

            “This is from our electric provider. It is a system improvement award for the Jamestown substation,” Evans said. “I want present this to Head of Department of Electric Tom Woltz and congratulate (his group) for a job well done.”

            “The substation was built to provide more expandable service and for future growth,” said Woltz, who credited six linemen and three tree trimmers for the work that was recognized.

            In an unrelated item, Woltz said the Christmas decorations will be available for pick up on Wednesday between 2-4 p.m. Woltz did say there would be other dates announced at a later time, perhaps in the evening for people to pick up their decorations.

Woltz said when the dates and times were determined they would be posted on the website and on Facebook.

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