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Helping Hands helping many in Jackson County

Helping Hands helping many in Jackson County

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When it comes to lending a helping hand, the holidays are always a time that those in need benefit from the service of others.

In Jackson County, one woman lends more than her hands, but also her heart.

Tammy Sigman is Co-Founder of Jackson County Helping Hands and plays a vital role in the organization’s mission to serve those in need. As a group of local volunteers, Helping Hands organizes a donation dinner once a month to help support food boxes for veterans, low-income families and the homeless.

On Dec. 5, Sigman encourages those who need help to visit the DAV building on 170 Pearl Street in Jackson for a free meal. Beyond the food delivered and handed out, Sigman believes that Helping Hands changes the cold winter’s atmosphere into one of warmth, strength, grace, and service to others. 

“During this time of the year, a lot of people are alone and may not have a family around. Now in this time of the COVID-19 epidemic, I feel we need it even more,” Sigman said. “We need to show that no matter what, there is always someone who will lend a ‘Helping Hand’ if it’s needed.”

With a group of volunteers always ready to jump in to help where needed, Sigman credits members of the team who work tirelessly.

“We have superb volunteers and a great community to help when things get us down,” Sigman said.

Bringing awareness to the amount of low-income and veterans families residing in Jackson County, Sigman hopes that the event will have a lasting impact. 

“We want to show those persons that Jackson County helps take care of their own,” she said. 

Involved with Disabled American Veterans and the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary since she was 11, Sigman is following in her father’s footsteps.

“My father was a Disabled Veteran. I loved meeting veterans and learning their stories,” she said. “I then gradually moved up the chairs on the state level in the auxiliary to become the State Commander, and now I get to travel and meet veterans from this great country.”

Combining her passion for those with disabilities to her family service experience, Sigman says her husband Brandon’s military contributions has also played a key role in shaping her perspective. 

“My husband is in the Ohio National Guard and is also a veteran, so we decided to take our passion for our Veterans and to cook to another level,” she said. “Our goal is to open a soup kitchen once or twice a week to help more people out.”

For more information, visit the Jackson County Helping Hands Facebook page. 

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