Editorial: More days to vote good for democracy

If one thing has changed for the better in 2020 it is our ability to vote. In the nation, before polls opened on Election Day, 100 million Americans already cast a ballot either in early voting periods in their home states or the old fashioned way, via an absentee ballot. In many states, the voting period was extended for weeks before the traditional general election day, the first Tuesday after the first Monday.

In our nation’s 244-year history, voting conditions have improved over time. Initially, it was a white man only vote. We should all be grateful it’s not like that anymore. Eventually, minorities and women got the right to vote and it made our nation stronger. The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November was selected, in part because it was after harvest and before a hard winter set in some parts of the nation.

This time, the orderliness of the voting on Tuesday, and the successful early voting in Ohio and in other states, proves we can do it and do it right. The more opportunities there are to vote the more voters there will be. And the more voters there are, the better our democracy.

As we contemplate the next presidency and the next vote one thing, at least, is clear. More voting days lead to more people voting and that makes our nation stronger. We hope the efforts by some to suppress the vote get put down, and those who think this aids a politician or party become enlightened. The arena of ideas is where the mining for votes gets done and this is the challenge of every person seeking a leadership position of every kind.


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