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Film version of ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ better depiction of Appalachia

When Ron Howard’s ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ dropped this week on Netflix, I was skeptical of how Hollywood would again portray Appalachia based on the film industry’s dismal performance. Films like ‘Deliverance’ and ‘Next of Kin’ are so blatantly offensive that it leaves Appalachians a little bit gun shy when it comes to big screen portrayals. I…


Extraordinary steps needed for care facilities

Thankfully, we have learned — at the cost of tens of thousands of possibly preventable deaths — that COVID-19 finds nursing homes to be good hunting grounds. At one time earlier in the epidemic, more than half the nation’s deaths from the disease in many states were among residents of long-term care facilities. Extraordinary steps…


Caring for kids costs the same

It takes a lot of money to properly raise children — provide for their needs, keep them safe and give them the best opportunities possible.  According to a federal lawsuit, however, officials in Ohio believe it costs less for relatives to raise children placed in their care than for licensed foster caregivers to do it….


GOP should not allow Trump to run over party

In politics, conventional wisdom embodies a narrative created by like-minded individuals who promote it relentlessly until it achieves credibility and acceptance by a broader audience. It is a strategic effort to inject a specific theory or hypothesis into the circulatory system of the pundit population hoping it will ricochet around the echo chamber of mainstream…


COVID-19 winning as Ohio politicians spin their wheels

Two votes in recent days illustrated how COVID-19 continues to exploit our divided politics as it sickens record numbers of people. With no warning and little debate, Akron’s all-Democratic City Council proposed and imposed a ban on gatherings of six or more guests on private property Monday to theoretically control the current surge of virus…


GOP has to sweat out Georgia races

Ray Charles famously sang, “I said Georgia / Ooh Georgia / No peace I find.” Ray got that right. It’s perversely fitting that the 2020 freak show will bleed into 2021, capped by twin Senate contests in a traditional red state that’s tilting purple. We’ll get no semblance of peace, however fleeting, until the voters…


Halting COVID rates up to us

When it comes to the coronavirus in northwest Ohio, things are bad and they look like they’re about to get worse. But they don’t have to.

As the prevalence of coronavirus cases spirals in some smaller northwest Ohio counties, health authorities are warning that the region’s relatively large counties — Lucas and Wood counties — could be headed for a similar super spike in the coronavirus.


Biden must make energy plans clear

Joe Biden is not yet president-elect officially, but it seems clear he will be the nation’s next chief executive. The sooner he clarifies his agenda — especially regarding energy — the better. It is probably no coincidence that within days of the election, some energy companies began revealing their own plans. Two major firms, American…


What is future of church attendance?

Are you a faithful Christian who is concerned about empty pews – and the steadily decreasing impact of Christianity on the social fabric? There’s good news about the Good News. After years of procrastination, I have stretched beyond my 600-word columns and written an honest-to-goodness BOOK. My first effort is a departure from my usual…